Soul to Soul

Connection and Communication

The unique Soul to Soul Connection and Communication experience presents a positive, universal, relevant, and compelling personal and intercultural paradigm moving forward in the twenty-first century. Communication expert Ruth Lindeck Forman takes the reader through enlightening, intimate, mindful, and light-hearted conversations. Her anecdotes enhance, inspire, and uplift to promote well-being, civility, and inclusion. These offer insightful, powerful, and practical tools.

This reader-friendly journey is supported by science, woven with connections to nature, and socio-political issues such as racism and diversity. These ideas encourage greater compassion and understanding for the reader and others. Ruth declares that each person has the sole right to define who they are. This is best defined by what is in a person's heart and soul as a member of the human race. In this ideal, she affirms that each person has the right to live their dreams. Ruth reminds us how we can always choose to respond positively or negatively and sensitively or insensitively. Likewise, we choose to honor or dishonor ourselves and others. These are our choices, and they are a formative facet of our character and the energy we send.

The four sections of the book include Soul to Soul Connection, Soul to Soul Communication, Soul to Soul Intercultural Communication, and the Appendix. Soul to Soul Connection presents core jewels that consist of source-connection, the essence of each person, and how to connect to that within ourselves and hopefully all others. The hand-dome concept reveals why each person solely feels, thinks, acts, speaks, and writes as they do. This fosters inclusion. A significant chapter “Personal Lenses” is devoted to a multitude of negative lenses that block your and other’s ultimate well-being. You learn to how to engage the time-tested Identify, Block, Move, Delete, Replace (IBMDR) Technique that reduces or erases troublesome thoughts and replaces them with positive, inclusive, and uplifting views. The private and nonjudgmental Forman Approach to Identify Prejudice Within Ourselves raises awareness. After all, you have to be aware to care, and if you care you are aware.

Soul to Soul Communication focuses on forty communication topics that benefit personal and virtual communication. When combined, integrated, and applied, they provide a thoughtful and comprehensive command of communication to precisely express the meaning and intention of your message.

Soul to Soul Intercultural Communication presents an uplifting chapter “Embracing Diversity.” Necessary nuances, wisdom, tables, cultural styles, and numerous topics enlighten to bridge communication gaps. These advance comfort, trust, understanding, and appreciation so more people are willingly to reach out to each other.

Appendix includes “Positive Solutions to Maintain Harmony,” Thank You, and “Author’s Journey.” In this chapter, Ruth shares her eighty years’ life’s journey and sixty years experience in the field of speech and language pathology. Initially, she served patients in stroke rehabilitation. Later, as a Specialist in Personal and Intercultural Communication, she consulted and lectured to individuals in all walks of life and varied cultures. Overcoming medical challenges and sensitivities, she recounts adventuresome travels with husband Lee to thirty-five countries and living among locals on the tiny, exotic isle Nevis in the West Indies. Thought-provoking, charming stories of Nevis folks and fellow global citizens highlight how they triumphed or serenely accepted their challenges. The Time to Pause and Reflect provides an opportunity after each chapter to integrate the information and create your own transformative guide. The broad, passionate, and thoughtful Epilogue, and References finalize your read.

These pages empower you to value your ultimate best, foster healing to free your spirit, and champion your worth and kindness. Comfort, joy, confidence, self-actualization, and community follow. The goal is to create a positive communication environment that invites others to enter and benefits you. As minor to major crises arise or days seem to unravel, Soul to Soul Connection and Communication serves as a valuable lifelong guide. Therefore, decency, gratitude, harmony, and inclusion are positive and natural consequences of a diverse human race whose members communicate comfortably, mindfully, and source-connected with each other.